Actions, Reactions and Interactions

As atoms cobbled together in human form we are always moving, always vibrating, always interacting internally: our physiological systems communicate with each other miraculously to keep us in homeostasis.

What happens with external relationships? It seems we mainly stay with action and reaction … both of which are concerned with subjective egoic meaning. We act out of desire or aversion, become attached to our ‘truth’, our story, our narrative…. and organise our world around it. Family, friends, colleagues can become engaged in actions and reactions that are part of spectrums between healthy to unhealthy, fulfilling to depleting, comfortable to uncomfortable, constructive to destructive … and other spectrum variations.\ \ In this contemporary arena of screen messaging: WhatsApp, text, messenger we lose much intonation and expression, relying mainly on the visual word which is processed through our already conditioned brain. This can bring joy or pain according to our perceived meaning. But the interaction is with a screen and our own cognition, not another human being.\ \ How often do we truly interact? Interaction involves fully understanding the viewpoint or experience of the other person in terms of their actions and reactions. Interacting means walking a mile in someone else’s footsteps, or trying on someone else’s shoes so that we know their vibrations, their unique arrangement of atoms.

\ Mostly we are able to have some semblance of interaction by mixing with people of similar atomic structure. Sometimes a difficult interaction takes courage and inner fortitude; but there is incredible joy and sense of achievement (subjectively 😉) to be gained from stepping out of our blinkered zone, our bubble of meaning and explore another’s world, discover aspects of another’s psyche that may illuminate a hidden corner of our own …..\ \ It’s a particularly useful idea in arguments, dissension and relationship breakdown. We can observe the actions and reactions of all parties … we can make our subjective judgements and assumptions, ride waves of thoughts, feelings and emotions around the event, happening, or dialogue, express our annoyance, anger, frustration, fear, grief, or joy … whatever is arising within us.\ \ But can we then look at interacting human to human, be committed to understanding, maybe without expectation of resolution or demanding apologies, changes in behaviour or specific outcome as this may or may not happen? Can we simply be open to a different perspective, be fascinated with anothers life story, acknowledge each unique narrative.\ \ Pick up the phone, arrange a Skype or other video chat to gain clarity. Of course, all people involved need the will to listen and understand as well as speak and assert meaning … this may or may not be possible… but worth a try?

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I work in partnership with local teachers around the world to bring you the best of Yoga ancient wisdom and contemporary scientific discovery, mixing serious study with light-hearted laughter. With 25 years of eclectic Yoga wisdom with me, I also have formal diplomas in: General Hatha Yoga Dru Yoga Transformational Yoga (Hatha Yoga Master) Nada Yoga (singing bowl vibrational healing) Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Meditation Teaching Thai Yoga Massage plus experience and training in Sivananda Yoga and Iyengar Yoga