Why call something the ‘Orange Initiative’?

I chose this as an orange came to my mind when thinking about this initiative: we all have our outer layer that we show as we move though life and this can be different for everyone. Peel it back and we find different segments of being; we find pith that may taste unpleasant and we may want to remove; underneath we find a juicy vibrant colour of flesh and deliciousness (unless you don’t like oranges ;)!).

An orange seems a helpful metaphor to find our way to optimum health in all our segments of being. Initially it is a 1 year programme designed to support well-being, purpose and commitment in a world that seems ongoingly chaotic and confused.

You can choose to undertake the Orange Initiative for optimum health through the philosophical paths of yoga; or as recognised aspects of well-being.

Find out about the Orange Initiative through yoga paths here

Find out more about the Orange Initiative through aspects of well-being here


I work in partnership with local teachers around the world to bring you the best of Yoga ancient wisdom and contemporary scientific discovery, mixing serious study with light-hearted laughter. With 25 years of eclectic Yoga wisdom with me, I also have formal diplomas in: General Hatha Yoga Dru Yoga Transformational Yoga (Hatha Yoga Master) Nada Yoga (singing bowl vibrational healing) Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Meditation Teaching Thai Yoga Massage plus experience and training in Sivananda Yoga and Iyengar Yoga